Is Rice Gluten Free?

0 Comments | June 8, 2014

Is Rice Gluten Free?

With so many different varieties of rice available, including “glutinous rice”, is rice gluten free? Rice itself, without any additives, is free of gluten. No strain of rice contains the types of protein that cause an adverse reaction in people with celiac disease. The term glutinous in this context simply refers to the gluey or sticky texture of the type of rice often used in Asian cuisine. Most of the time, rice is perfectly safe for people with gluten intolerance to eat.

When Is Rice Not Safe?

  • Rice blends that contain multiple types of grain may have barley in them.
  • Rice that is flavored with soy sauce or grain vinegar may contain wheat gluten or barley malt.
  • Instant rice may contain gluten as a thickener.
  • Seasoned rice may contain gluten-based flavor enhancers.
  • Rice that is processed in a facility that processes wheat, rye, or barley might be contaminated with gluten.

Eating rice that is prepared at home and seasoned with gluten-free herbs and spices shouldn’t be a problem. People with celiac disease may wish to ask questions before eating rice at a restaurant to see whether there is anything added that might cause a negative reaction.

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