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0 Comments | February 2, 2015 Approved Website Program is a leading celiac disease resource operated by a team of healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to providing accurate, current information about autoimmune diseases. With the proliferation of non-expert resources online, those who suffer from celiac disease face a challenge in identifying reliable sources of information. Our Approved Website program assists our visitors in connecting with other reputable websites dedicated to celiac disease, gluten-free dietary restrictions, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle support.

How To Become an Approved Website

If your website meets the criteria below, we invite you to apply for approval at

  • Website must have educational value for visitors
  • Website must be free of popup ads and other intrusive or invasive advertisements
  • Website must be in existence for at least 1 year
  • Website must have an active webmaster that maintains the website and routinely updates it with new pages and information
  • Websites hosting a discussion forum or a blog that accept comments must have an active moderator
  • Website must contain contact information that is easily accessible

When you submit a request for approval, please include your site URL and a brief description of the content and purpose of your website. Our team of healthcare professionals will conduct a website review to determine the overall quality and relevance of the content and confirm all criteria are met. The team reserves the right to determine if a website is deemed a Approved Website.

Benefits of Being an Approved Website

The distinction of becoming a Approved Website is accompanied by a number of benefits:

  • Greater credibility and authority—you have permission to display the Approved Website Badge on your site.
  • Better online visibility—your site will appear in our Approved Website directory and will receive a quality, relevant backlink from
  • Content sponsorship—you may be invited to share a recipe or other helpful information with your byline and a link back to your site.
  • A broader reach—the top Approved Website will occasionally be promoted through social media and other marketing channels.

List of Approved Websites

The following are a list of Approved Websites:

(1) Celiac Disease Foundation – The Celiac Disease Foundation is a leading resource for celiac disease information.

(2) Web MD - Web MD contains extensive information regarding celiac disease, symptoms, diagnosis and more.

(3) Ditch the Carbs - Ditch the Carbs is ‘real food, real easy.’ A blog about how to reduce carbs in your life and a gluten-free lifestyle, Ditch the Carbs has something for everyone.

(4) Vegetarian Mamma - Vegetarian Mamma contains gluten-free resources, recipes, and she has her own cookbook.

(5) Celiac and Allergy Adventures Celiac and Allergy Adventures is a resource designed for individual with allergies who still want to live a fun and full life.

(6) Celtic Celiac Celtic Celiac offers a modern guide to ‘staying sane without grain.’ The site has product reviews, recipes, information about celiac disease, and much more.

(7) The Gluten Free Chef Blog The Gluten Free Chef Blog has a massive index of delicious recipes any gluten-free individual should check out and cookbooks available online.

(8) College Student with Celiac College student with Celiac is the story of Chynna, a college student dealing with the stresses of university life while having celiac disease. She has recipes, information, and more on her site.

(9) Simple Gluten Free Kitchen Simple Gluten Free Kitchen is a resource for Gluten-free cooks. The site features delicious desserts, smoothies, and exotic dishes.

(10) Gluten Free Life 24/7 GF Life 24/7 provides reviews of GF restaurants and recipes for anyone suffering from Celiac Disease or food allergies.

(11) Daily Forage The Daily Forage has a database of information about living gluten-free. Peruse the site for the latest recipes, news, and events for a gluten-free lifestyle.

(12) The Gluten Free Chef The Gluten Free Chef has an extensive library of articles focusing on Celiac Disease and life without gluten.

(13) Adventures of an Allergic Foodie Adventures of an Allergic Foodie is full of resources for celiacs, gluten-free individuals, and anyone with food allergies.

(14) Know Gluten Know Gluten is a gluten free beginner’s guide. The site is full of great recipes, tips, and 100% gluten free restaurants.

(15) Angela’s Kitchen Angela’s Kitchen is full of gluten free and dairy free recipes. She has menu plans, slow cooker recipes, freezer meals, and more.

(16) Recipe Renovator Recipe Renovator is Stephanie Weaver’s website to share her delicious, hand-crafted recipes. Her site is filled with her books, and of course, everything is gluten-free.

(17) Dolly and Oatmeal Dolly and Oatmeal is Lindsey’s space to share her clean and seasonal recipes. After becoming gluten free, she wanted to share her passion for food with the world and created her gorgeous website.

(18) Art of Gluten-Free Baking The Art of Gluten-Free Baking is a resource for anyone looking to live a gluten-free life. The recipes are delicious and Jeanne’s writing is informative and interesting. Check out what she has to say.

(19) Gluten Freedom Project The Gluten Freedom Project is dedicated to providing support, recipes, and meal plans to anyone with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. Check out their meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes.

(20) Gluten Free Gigi Gluten Free Gigi is Gigi’s way of sharing her signature “Smart Nutrition Backed by Science.” You can find her book as well as a multitude of other resources on her website.

(21) Baking Backwards Baking Backwards is a vegetarian blog built on the importance of inventive and health conscious food. Check out Danielle’s E-book, recipes, and more.

(22) Body Rebooted Body Rebooted is Christina Russell’s space to share her addiction to living a healthy and gluten-free life. She shares her personal weight loss journey while encouraging others.

(23) Being Gluten Free/Life is Full of Adventures Being Gluten Free is a lifestyle and travel blog where Rossana shares her everyday activites, gluten-free advice, and travel information.

(24) Kumquat Blog Kumquat Blog is a resource for delicious gluten-free recipes. Gretchen, the brains behind the website, is a registered dietitian, food stylist, and cookbook author.

(25) Eats and Exercise by Amber Amber uses Eats and Exercises by Amber to share her gluten-free dairy-free recipes, meal prep tips, IBS and celiac advice, positive vibes, and self-love promotion.

(26) Casey the College Celiac Casey the College Celiac is a gluten-free blog about the life of a celiac in college. It’s full of personal stories about celiac disease and living gluten free, food recipes and restaurant reviews.

(27) The Cultured Cook Lisa has multiple gluten-free cookbooks offered on The Cultured Cook as well as fun, affordable recipes with a lot of flair.

(28) Gluten Free Frenzy Gluten Free Frenzy is full reviews, giveaways, and recipes for all gluten-free fanatics.

(29) Gluten Free Alchemist The Gluten Free Alchemist is Kate’s blog to share her experience with having a daughter with celiac disease. She shares her recipes, tips, advice, and more.

(30) Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Walt Disney World Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free WDW is filled with dining reviews and tips for the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. If you’re a celiac looking to explore the wonderful world of Disney, make sure to check this site out first.

(31) GFree Laura GFree Laura is Laura’s gluten-free lifestyle blog. It’s full of recipes, products, restaurants, and experiences from her gluten-free lifestyle.

(32) I’m a Celiac I’m a Celiac is Pam’s journey through life with celiac disease. She explains her story, provides delicious recipes, and offers gluten-free consulting.

(33) Delicious Obsessions Delicious Obsessions is a website with hundreds of Paleo recipes. There are how-to guides and a focus on health and wellness.

(34) GlutenFree Passport GlutenFree Passport is the leading resource for food and travel while eating in restaurants in your neighborhood or when traveling the world gluten free and with food allergies.

(35) Fearless Dining Fearless Dining is the Bay Area’s premier source for gluten-free dining advice. The site is full of nutrition tips, gluten-free recipes, and product reviews.

(36) Violette GF Violette GF is a delicious gluten-free bakery located in Boston, Massachusetts. They set up at various markets throughout the Boston area during the weeks and cater local events.

(37) GlutenFreeTravelSite GlutenFreeTravelSite and the free companion DINE GLUTEN FREE mobile app contain thousands of user-submitted gluten-free dining and travel reviews from around the world, searchable by location. The site and app include numerous other helpful resources to help both new and veteran gluten free folks maintain a gluten free lifestyle — and dine out and travel with ease.

(38) Blissful Basil Blissful Basil is Ashley’s website to “unearth happiness through wholesome plant-based foods.” The site is full of delicious recipes and helpful nutrition facts.

(39) Naturally Savvy Naturally Savvy is an educational website that promotes living an organic and non-GMO lifestyle. Visit to learn more, and check out Naturally Savvy on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

(40) Flippin’ Delicious Flippin’ Delicious is a collection of recipes that prove ‘gluten-free can be that good.’ Check out the website for some awesome gluten-free flour blends, recipes, and more.

(41) Heather Christo Heather Christo uses her website to share her delicious allergy-free recipes. She has a great section on entertaining guests and amazing seasonal recipes.

(42) Thriving on Paleo Thriving on Paleo is full of paleo recipes, tips, and lifestyle tips. Michele has great videos with anything from beauty tips to cooking guides.

(43) Paleo Cajun Lady Tara is the Paleo Cajun Lady, a displaced Cajun who now lives in Illinois. After being diagnosed with lupus and gluten intolerance, she worried that she’d never be able to eat her favorite foods again. Her website is now full of AIP Paleo Cajun recipes that are delicious and nutritious.

(44) London Paleo Kitchen London Paleo Kitchen provides information on how to Paleo in London, from eating out to sourcing ingredients. Tasha blogs about where she’s been eating, what she’s been cooking, events she’s attended, articles she’s read and general musings on food, well-being and health.

(45) Gluten Free Spinner Gluten Free Spinner is your go-to for delicious gluten free recipes with vivid photos and entertaining tips. Mary shares a spin of life as a food stylist, recipe developer, and design consultant.

(46) Mangia Paleo Mangia Paleo is a blog highlighting recipes for the Paleo Diet as well as providing insight on health, nutrition, and how they relate to Ulcerative Colitis.

(47) Predominantly Paleo Predominantly Paleo is Jennifer Robins’ space to share her journey with autoimmune diseases and a paleo lifestyle. Check out some of her delicious recipes and indulge!

(48) Rachael Roehmholdt “Live a deliciously healthy life” is Rachael’s way of sharing her “gluten-free, dairy-free, and deprivation-free” lifestyle. Check out her recipes, cheat sheets, and more.

(49) London Bakes Kathryn uses London Bakes for “serving up the sweet and lovely mess that is life.” The site is filled with mostly gluten-free recipes, so check it out for some sweet, delicious bites.

(50) The Happy Coeliac Gluten-free does haven’t to get you down according to Samantha. She spends her free time visiting gluten-free restaurants, cooking up gluten-free recipes, and living a healthy gluten-free life.

(51) Grass Fed Girl Caitlin Weeks is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, the author of four cookbooks, and a professional personal trainer. Grass Fed Girl is packed with paleo recipes and tips on holistic living, check it out now.

(52) A Passion for Healthy Living A Passion for Healthy Living is Trish’s space where she helps others embrace a gluten-free lifestyle through her unique coaching perspective. Check our her site for great recipes and see how she can help you!

(53) Mary Lee Kitchen “At Mary Lee Kitchen, we believe that what we eat matters. Through food education (a bi-weekly blog), speaking engagements, recipe enhancements, and sustainably sourced and created products we believe that EVERYONE should be able to come back to the table.”

(54) Paleo Polly Paleo Polly is a Paleo resource website with recipes, companies, and hacks. The recipes are delicious and earned Charlotte a spot in the top 50 Paleo blogs of the year.

(55) Glitz, Glam, Gluten-Free Glitz, Glam and Gluten-Free is Emily’s space to share her passion for living a stylish and healthy, gluten-free life. She resides in Northern California and her site is full of fashion advice as well as gluten-free information.

(56) Team Nutrition Genius Team Nutrition Genius is an online resource for anyone looking to learn in-depth about nutrition. You can find product reviews, recipes, tips and tricks, and more on the website.

(57) Strength and Sunshine Strength and Sunshine is Rebecca’s space to share her passion for finding the beauty and happiness in life by living a healthy lifestyle. She loves yoga, fitness, and is a dedicated gluten-free individual suffering from Celiac disease.

(58) Emily Levenson Emily’s website is the ultimate resource for anyone with food sensitivities. Emily has made a living as a holistic health coach and the website is full of great recipes, information, and research.

(59) Cave Girl Cuisine Cavegirl Cuisine is a paleo resource filled with recipes for all times of the day and all occasions.

(60) Nicer Foods Nicer Foods advocates to “Be Nice. Love Your Guts.” Founded by Jesse and Kate Watson, the website explains the FODMAPs diet – a unique way for people with sensitive stomachs or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to help improve their condition.

(61) Not From a Packet Mix - Not From a Packet Mix is Nataliya’s space to share her low FODMAP meals and resources. Check out some of her great recipes today.

(61) Laura’s Gluten Free Kitchen - Laura’s Gluten Free Kitchen keeps gluten free cooking easy and affordable, and her recipes help satisfy the sweet tooth no matter what dietary restrictions you might have.

The Approved Website Badge

If you have passed the vetting process to become an Approved Website, congratulations!  This recognition indicates that your site provides trustworthy and authoritative information about celiac disease.  Below is the badge you can place on your website once you have been approved by

Celiac Disease Badge




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